CLCAC Board of Directors

During the CLCAC AGM held in Burketown on 21 October 2015 the members voted in the CLCAC Board of Directors for the 2015-2017 period.

The Board of Directors comprises of one primary member and one alternate member from each of the nine (9) Gulf Language Groups. 

The table below outlines and lists alphabetically the Language Group the Board of Director and the Alternate Director are representing.

Group Director Alternate
Gangalidda Murrandoo Yanner Terrance Taylor
Garawa Donald Bob Keith Rory
Gkuthaarn Marlene Logan Paul Richardson
Kaiadilt Gerald Loogatha Duncan Kelly
Kukatji Phillip George Reggie Sambo
Kurtijar Joseph Rainbow Lance Rapson
Lardil Thomas Wilson (Chairperson) Wayne Williams
Waanyi Henry Aplin Peter Cameron
Yangkaal Lawrence Burke Chicko Toby