From biodiversity surveys to barbed wire fencelines

From biodiversity surveys to barbed wire fencelines: CLCAC Rangers develop and contribute a wide range of skills.

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2 Apr 2015

 Native title rights and interests were yesterday formally recognised in Burketown by the Federal Court of Australia over a number of culturally significant areas and sites, including:

23 Aug 2014

The Normanton Rangers have conducted the first ever large-scale documentation of waterbird breeding colonies (herons, ibises, cormorants and allies) in the lower Gulf of Carpentaria.

10 Jun 2014

CLCAC ranger groups are serious about reducing the damage from feral animals. Feral pigs, for example, have a devastating impact on the environment. They destroy crops, stock and property, spread weeds and transmit diseases, and result in loss of habitat and food resources for native wildlife.

29 Oct 2007

Normanton Rangers form around Wild Rivers being declared over waters flowing to Mornington Inlet.